The Word of God speaks to us in Isaiah 55:1 about goods that we can purchase without money.  The Lord teaches us through the Prophet’s words that thru Faith we can purchase all that we have need of and above, without even using money.

Thru the Word we also learn that God Himself buys things without money.  For example we are the Lord’s for He bought us with a very high price to save us, that’s why we need to honor and please Him in everything that we do.  We should also take care of not falling slaves to anything or anyone, because he’s paid the ultimate price for our freedom.  He rescued us with the precious blood of His Son Jesus, not with something corruptible such as gold or silver.  Rescuing or redeeming something simply means “to buy back again”, as would be the case of someone taking something to a pawn shop in exchange for a loan and then returning later to rescue or redeem it.

When Adam sinned, we stopped belonging to God.  This is why Jesus became a man to redeem us and return us back to the Father, our rightful owner.  Think about this, He being the owner of everything in existence, could have paid for us with gold, silver or precious jewels.  Yet he valued us to such a degree, higher than any material thing possible, that He gave the precious blood of the Lamb of God to redeem us.  Therefore, you have no right to ever say that you aren’t worth anything.  On the contrary, YOU’RE WORTH EVERYTHING!!  You’re worth the very life of the Son of God.  Stop looking down or feeling sorry for yourself.  You’re His precious son and heir of His Glory.  When you truly internalize this in your heart, a change takes place in which you start valuing your worthiness of His great blessings in your life.  A mindset of not deserving any material blessings only shows your lack of faith in the Lord who has purchased you with the most priceless element in existence –HIS BLOOD!  Once you start seeing this enormous value that you have, then your life will be restored.

Satan is also well aware of that promise to purchase without money, because Revelation 13:16 says that he will try to seal everyone’s hand or forehead for them to be able to buy and sell.  Whoever doesn’t have that mark of the beast, 666, will be unable to survive.

We must learn to thrive on God’s economy in order to avoid depending on the devil’s one.  By refusing to learn how Jesus bought things without money, we’ll run the risk of accepting the mark of the antichrist whom in the end of times, will seek to affect the global financial systems, by making his mark the chief currency.  Those that have learned to trust in God all their lives and abide by his financial system will have no issue trusting and resting in his daily provision throughout the end of times.  We must understand that the turmoil during apocalyptic times isn’t just spiritual, but financial as well.

Learn to trust in God wholeheartedly for your finances, just as you do with your health.  If you’re convinced that the Lord can heal you, then you must also trust that He can wrought mighty miracles in your finances.  God purchased your life without money for He paid for it with His precious blood, and if he gave us His only Son, then He’s also able to give us everything we’ll ever need to live a successful life.

We find in John 6:5-14 the story of the multiplication of the fish and bread and the verb “buy” here is quite important.  The first thing Jesus asks them is where they can get enough money to buy bread to feed all those people there.  It’s estimated that there were approximately 20,000 people including women and children.  Seeing the dire situation, Andrew finds a child with a small meal, 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish to be exact, obviously not nearly enough to feed the vast multitude.  The only answer was to trust in the Lord and His Supernatural power.  Only the Father, with a heavenly bakery able to produce manna throughout 40 years to feed the people of Israel in the wilderness, could accomplish such a feat now.  So then, Jesus presents to the Father what the child willingly gave to Him.  He gave thanks for what they were soon to receive and afterwards gave it to the disciples to hand out.  Everyone was full and there were even 12 baskets full of food left over.

That heavenly bakery worked as Jesus taught the multitudes and in like manner, as you listen and apply His word in your life, it will also work for you.  You won’t lack any good thing.  The Lord doesn’t need gold or silver to redeem you.  His precious blood is much more valuable to purchase your salvation and everything you’ll ever need.  Trust in Him and in His Financial System for your life.  Jesus tells His disciples in Matthew 16 to beware of the leaven of the Pharisees, in other words to not harden their hearts with unbelief, since they themselves witnessed the miraculous provision he supplies when we’re willing to give and share with others.  The disciples were tested in this miracle.  While they had their focus on the money they didn’t have or on the little provision the child had, the Lord wanted to teach them how to receive from the Father with that priceless currency of Faith.  Furthermore, notice that Jesus didn’t throw away nor discard the leftovers.  No doubt He might have given it to the young child as a reward for giving what he had in his hands.  And perhaps since he couldn’t carry it himself the disciples had to help him.  Don’t be afraid of giving, and giving in abundance, because those that do will always have more than enough left over.

Just open your heart, believe and trust in God’s supernatural finances, rooted in generosity.  Give Him thanks always for all His blessings and for buying you back without money.  Surrender all of your life to Him that paid for it with the precious blood of His Son Jesus Christ.