Nights of Glory refer to the healing and miracle crusades that commenced in 1994. They are known for the powerful manifestation of the Holy Spirit, filling those in attendance with the hope of receiving His anointing to transform and renew their lives. The name was derived from the Supernatural evidence of the Glory of God in each meeting, known by four characteristics: the manifest power of God through healings and miracles, the simple yet deep and renewing word shared, the opportunity of salvation for those who still don’t know Jesus Christ as their savior and the spirit of revival for all those thirsty for God, specially those in leadership roles from churches involved.

Pastor Cash Luna’s International Word and Power Ministries are organizers of the Nights of Glory crusades. Their main objective is summarized in the following statement: “To always give God the Glory for all the miracles that take place, manifested by the Presence of the Holy Spirit. This includes honoring Him with excellence in the preparation of every detail for the event.”