With the vision of discipling, Casa de Dios arduously works to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with everyone.

We have shared the love of God with millions of people through friendship groups, TV Programs, radio, social networks, YouTube, church on-line, literature, international conferences and healing crusades. Many of them have received Him as Lord and transformed their lives.


The Jesus Model

The Model started one evening as Pastor Cash Luna was in prayer for the church, seeking how to shepherd the vast amount of people that were coming. The Nights of Glory healing crusades had just taken off, and due to the Anointing of the Holy Spirit and the miracles taking place, accelerated growth was the result. That is when Pastor Cash asked the Lord what he should do to care of so many people that were coming and He answered him with another question, “If you had been one of My twelve disciples when I walked upon the Earth and had asked you to form them, how would you have done so?” To which the pastor answered, “I would have done it the way you did.” So the Lord went on confronting him and instructing him, “So then why do you do it any other way? Study how I did it carefully, not just what I said, but what I did.”

The Jesus Model is a product of a detailed analysis of the Gospel, searching the scriptures and learning from Jesus’ Model of Ministry. More than just a growth system, the Model is a lifestyle seeking to multiply Gods Work and share His blessings with the multitudes by developing a personal relationship with Him in small groups.


Life Institute

Life Institute is a virtual training center designed to supernaturally impact the four main areas of every human being, such as their personal, relational, ministerial and social projection. It’s centered on training you for life by developing people via an encounter with Christ Jesus and by remaining at His side.

Life Institute bases its programs on the transitions that we all go through in our daily lives. It provides tools not readily available in traditional school settings, since it’s possible to be a university professional, yet still lack the necessary skills to be a good father at home. No Master’s Degree is able to guarantee a healthy and wholesome marriage.

In light of this, the goal is to share Bible-based life principles, through an innovative and interactive teaching platform, allowing the student to share, comment and develop his or her own learning experience.

We know that effective leadership requires a holistic development, since in order to lead, one must first learn how to live.